Overhauls & Re-Powers

Boat Engine Rebuild and Repower: A New Lease of Life for Your Vessel

Kiwi boats are testament to resilience and robust craftsmanship. Built to endure the tests of time and tide, they often outlive the expected lifespan of their engines. However, as stalwart as these vessels are, their engines might occasionally need a revival. At South Pacific Marine, we believe every boat, whether it's been with you for a year or a decade, deserves to roar back to life. It's more than just a boat engine rebuild or repower; it's about rejuvenating your cherished maritime companion.

Reviving Engines with Precision

For those engines that have seen better days, our boat engine rebuild service offers a comprehensive overhaul solution. In partnership with top-tier engine reconditioners, our process ensures meticulous removal, re-assembly, and commissioning of your zero-timed engine. Every step is coordinated and managed under the watchful eyes of our skilled marine mechanics.

Boat Engine Repower: Modern Solutions for Age-Old Companions

If your intent leans towards infusing modern essence into your vessel, our boat engine repower services provide the perfect solution. Unlock the advantages of a lighter, more robust, and fuel-efficient engine. With offerings from industry leaders like FPT Marine, your boat is ensured a fusion of power and efficiency.

Why Choose South Pacific Marine for Your Boat Engine Rebuild and Repower Needs?

Experience and passion intertwine at South Pacific Marine. Our three-decade legacy in marine mechanics positions us as the trusted choice for boat engine rebuilds and repowers in the Auckland North area.

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1. What's the difference between a boat engine rebuild and a repower?

A boat engine rebuild involves overhauling the existing engine, whereas a repower means replacing the old engine with a newer, often more efficient one.

2. How long does a typical boat engine rebuild take?

The duration can vary depending on the engine's condition and specifications. Generally, a rebuild can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

3. Will a boat engine repower add value to my vessel?

Absolutely! Repowering often modernizes your boat, making it more efficient and potentially increasing its resale value.

4. Do you provide warranties for your boat engine rebuild and repower services?

Yes, all our services come with a warranty. The specifics vary based on the service and parts used. Please contact us for detailed information.

5. Can you assess my boat and recommend whether a rebuild or repower is more appropriate?

Of course! Our team of experts will evaluate your boat's condition and provide recommendations best suited to your needs.